Let the battle begin!

By popular demand, ThwartPoker Inc. is delighted to introduce real-time multiplayer Hold’em Battle® with both All-in and Limit betting. For communication it uses either a WiFi network, or just the WiFi chip for face-to-face competition anywhere. Hold’em Battle® has both Single Player (vs. bots) and Multiplayer (between live players) capability. Playing it makes you a better thinker, strategist and poker player!

Here are the key features of Multiplayer:

  • GETTING STARTED scrolling screen that describes how to setup play
  • Games with two to seven live players
  • Game host can set card and bet selection time limits, number of player time violations allowed per hand and starting stake of the players
  • A game can have both players and observers
  • History file records every game action and can be reviewed by any player or observer when game ends
  • HELP scrolling screen that describes all relevant aspects of multiplayer

Here are the key features of Single Player:

  • Learn gameplay mechanics through the interactive tutorial
  • All games have All-in betting
  • Tournament Games - Advance through five levels of from two to six virtual opponents
  • High Scores – Record your 10 best tournament game scores
  • Save/Restore – Save up to 10 tournament games in progress and resume playing any one of them at a later time or date
  • History file records every tournament game action and can be reviewed any time during the game
  • Practice Games - Improve your skills by playing against 1 to 6 virtual opponents. Use the UNDO button to explore alternate strategies by “undoing” or “taking back” any moves in a hand
  • HELP scrolling screen that describes all relevant aspects of single player

With player card selection Hold’em Battle® blends together compelling features of chess strategy, puzzle solving and traditional poker to take play to a whole new level. It’s UnPoker where MENTAL SKILL generally replaces CHANCE!


IGN gave an earlier single player form of UnPoker called Hold’em Poker+ on cell phones prior to smartphones its Editors’ Choice award, rated it 9 out of 10 and described it as a "not just addictive" but a "scary addictive" game.

The full March 2010 review on Shockwave of ThwartPoker’s single player All-Skill Poker Tour by user Maxoxo states: "This is truly a rare form of Poker. I find the psych, parameters interesting and makes playing poker a true game of skill and GAMESMANSHIP! ... am undecided, but will play till I drop ... requires unusual skill and thought, as well as luck ... is fun, and a welcome diversion. This is what games are for ... FUN, FUN ... FUN. You have to try it to like it! Most unique & best game ... that has come along in a long time ... ages ..."

A September 27, 2010 review in the Apps store of the iPhone single player Hold’em Blitz app by user Maxmojo99 states: "No more dumb luck ... U have to choose wisely to win. Highly addictive and I highly recommend!"


Available on the iPhone App Store Get it now$3.99