Let the battle begin!

By popular demand, ThwartPoker Inc. is delighted to introduce real-time multiplayer Hold’em Battle with no-limit betting that uses WiFi for face-to-face competition.

Hold’em Battle follows the scoring rules of poker but has very different playing rules. In a round, each player privately selects a card from the same face up deck of cards. Once all players have selected a card, their selections are checked for conflicts. Each player involved in a conflict situation is dealt a THWART card that has NO value. Otherwise, the player is dealt his/her selected card.

In the free version, play against one or two other live players with time limits for card and bet selection, or play tournament games in which you try to advance through two levels of first 2 and then 3 virtual opponents. Learn gameplay mechanics through the interactive tutorial.

Upgrade to the full version to take your skills to a whole new level.

Multiplayer mode has the following additional features:

  • Games with two to seven live players
  • Game host can set card and bet selection time limits, number of player time violations allowed per hand and starting stake of the players

Single Player mode has the following additional features:

  • Tournament Games - Advance through five levels of from two to six virtual opponents
  • High Scores – Record your 10 best tournament game scores
  • Save/Restore – Save up to 10 tournament games in progress and resume playing any one of them at a later time or date
  • Practice Games - Improve your skills by playing against 1 to 6 virtual opponents. Use the UNDO button to explore alternate strategies by “undoing” or “taking back” any moves in a hand

Hold’em Battle blends compelling features of chess strategy and puzzle solving with traditional poker to take play to a whole new level. It’s poker reborn where skill replaces chance!


IGN gave an earlier single player form of ThwartPoker on other mobile platforms called Hold’em Poker+ its Editors’ Choice award, rated it 9 out of 10 and described it as a "not just addictive" but a "scary addictive" game.

The full March 2010 review on Shockwave of ThwartPoker’s single player All-Skill Poker Tour by user Maxoxo states: "This is truly a rare form of Poker. I find the psych, parameters interesting and makes playing poker a true game of skill and GAMESMANSHIP! ... am undecided, but will play till I drop ... requires unusual skill and thought, as well as luck ... is fun, and a welcome diversion. This is what games are for ... FUN, FUN ... FUN. You have to try it to like it! Most unique & best game ... that has come along in a long time ... ages ..."

A September 27, 2010 review in the Apps store of the iPhone single player Hold’em Battle app by user Maxmojo99 states: "No more dumb luck ... U have to choose wisely to win. Highly addictive and I highly recommend!"


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