Blitz or bust!

By popular demand ThwartPoker Inc. is delighted to introduce single player Pick’Em Blitz®. It represents a revolutionary new way to play cards based entirely on skill and mental savvy.

Play for fun or compete indirectly against other live players in Skillz® CASH tournaments!!

It's you against some of the smartest bots in the West. Everyone shares the same community cards and common deck. On each round everyone first privately picks a card from the same face-up limited deck that is randomly generated fresh from hand-to-hand to try to make the best poker-style hand. But watch out - if multiple players pick the same card, they are all dealt a THWART card that has no value!

A tournament game consists of three hands played in 2 minutes or less. Earn points for the quality of your hand if you win - or consolation points if you don't. You also get points for time left on the clock.

There is no betting! Just smart card selection. Learn gameplay mechanics through the interactive tutorial.

Your final tournament score is compared to other live players who are playing with the same bots and for each hand, with the same community cards and limited deck. And whomever gets the most points... wins!

Pick'Em Blitz® is an exciting, absorbing game of mental skill for all. By playing it you also become a better thinker, strategist and card player! (And maybe rich, too!)

With player card selection Pick’Em Blitz® blends together compelling features of chess strategy, puzzle solving and poker-style hand types to take play to a whole new level. It’s an UnPoker game where on each round the collective interaction of each player's MENTAL SKILL in selecting a card fully determinines the card each player is dealt!

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